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ODL-LE online soft starter

This product adopts intelligent digital control and takes singlechip as intelligent center.
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Product parameters
This product adopts intelligent digital control and takes singlechip as intelligent center. The silicon controlled module is the actuating component which carries out automatic control on electric motor and is applicable to the start of various loads and squirrel-cage asynchronous motors. This makes it possible for the electric motor to start smoothly in any working condition, protect the dragging system, reduce the impact of the starting current on the power grid and ensure the electric motor to start reliably. Pull up in decelerated speed and smoothly will eliminate the counter inertial impact of the dragging system. Complete system protection will prolong the service life of the system, cut down the system maintenance cost and improve the reliability of system. 
Characteristics of product 
1. The online soft starter shows excellent heat dissipation effect. Forced cooling of axial flow fan makes sure the thyristor operates stably and for a long time. Bypass AC contactor is not needed to accomplish operation without contact and spark. The product can be used in severe environment such as smoke, powder, and dust. 
2. Shutdown mode: soft shutdown mode; free parking mode; 
3. Control power supply: adopt independent 185-250VAC voltage for power supply; 
4. Have multiple protective functions: protect overcurrent, unbalanced three phase current, overheating, default phase, and motor overload;  
5. The dynamic fault memory facilitates finding the cause of fault. Five faults can be recorded at the most. 
6. The RS485 standard port makes it easier to form the centralized control system (Function is optional.). 
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