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Soft start cabinet

Soft start cabinet is mainly applicable to starting large-power electric motors of various kinds.
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Product parameters
Soft start cabinet is mainly applicable to starting large-power electric motors of various kinds. By replacing traditional way of start with soft start, the product realizes smooth start and reduces the starting current. When the start of electric motor is reduced, the mechanical impact on the electric motor by larger current means the impact on the powder grid, improvement of the power consumption quality and energy saving. Blocking protection function and quick protection avoid mechanical fault or locked-rotor obstruction-caused overheating and breakdown of electric motor, reduce lower voltage born of higher current and impact on other electrical appliances, reduce abrasion, prolong the service life of the electric motor, and save the repair cost of machine. 
Method of adjustment and use 
When this series of control cabinet (box) controls the circuit, both automatic control and manual control are available. Besides, protection of overcurrent, overvoltage, undervoltage, and default phase as well as accident alarming can be achieved. Before putting this product into use, wire connection must be carried out after checking as per the electrical schematic diagram. Adjust corresponding setting value for component as per the actual requirement of the electric motor before start. 
1. Automatic operation: After the power is connected, the indicator light of the power supply is on. Switch the change-over switch to the position of “automatic”, and check if the electric motor controlled by the control cabinet (box) actions as per the liquid level control instrument. When the liquid reaches the controlled liquid level, the corresponding indicator light will flash. The normally open contact of the corresponding limit control relay closes automatically, the secondary control loop is connected automatically, the electric motor is started and at the same time, the running indicator light is on. 
Classification of soft start cabinet 
1. According to the voltage: Low voltage soft starter cabinet, high voltage soft starter cabinet; 
2. According to the load, soft start cabinet of draught fan, soft start cabinet of water pump, etc.; 
3. According to different ways of load control, one dragging and one soft start cabinet, one dragging and multiple soft start cabinet, one use one standby soft start cabinet, two use one standby soft start cabinet, etc. 
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